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Garden Wok

Reseda Boulevard, 6117, Tarzana, United States
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Garden Wok is a restaurant that offers Chinese vegetarian cuisine. Menu consists of appetizers, soups, salads, dim sum, mock meat dishes, and more. Special luncheon and complete dinner are also offered. Available Mondays to Fridays from 11:00 to 15:00, special luncheon is served with daily soup, steamed white or brown rice, and spring roll or steam wonton. Any main entree from the menu can also be converted into a complete dinner by adding a small amount to the cost of the entree ordered. Complete dinner consists of a choice of soup, appetizer, entree, and a dessert. Hot and spicy items are marked in the menu. Menu items are mostly vegan. Dishes are cooked to order, so most dishes can be cooked either steamed, stir fried, or sauteed according to the request. All dishes are made from vegetables, gluten, konnyaku, tofu, mushrooms, or nuts. MSG is not used in food preparation. Takeaway is available. Catering service is also offered.
Reseda Boulevard, 6117, Tarzana, United States
Opening times
16:00 - 21:30
11:00 - 21:30
11:00 - 21:30
11:00 - 21:30
11:00 - 21:30
11:00 - 21:30
11:00 - 21:30
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