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A Vegman in Edinburgh

April 10, 2012 in Lifestyle by anna | visit anna's blog
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Thumb_p1080282 The Baked Potato Shop...
Thumb_p1080283 ... and their trademark dish
Thumb_p1080494 Carrot cake love
Thumb_p1080411 Henderson's
Thumb_img_6068 Breakfast at Henderson's
Thumb_p1080596 David Bann
Thumb_p1080595 David Bann dinner

First and foremost, Edinburgh is a wonderful city surrounded by an amazing countryside and we had a splendid time!

This has been my first time traveling as a vegan (I had my last piece of cheese in Croatia last October), and I relied on Vegman. Double thumbs-up for that! The places we visited were vegetarian restaurants with vegan options, so I could find plenty of things to eat while my husband could still enjoy his cheese.

First of all... vegan haggis is gross. But I guess something that pretends to be sheep intenstines must be disgusting by nature - even when it is made with beans and lentils.


The Baked Potato Shop

This is a very little but charming place in the heart of Edinburgh's old town. Be prepared for take-out or squeeze around the sole table with some other guys (the latter is pretty funny). Their baked potatos are delicious and you can choose several hot and cold fillings like spinach salad, chickpea salad or (vegan) cheese.

On top of that they offer a variety of sweet treats and their vegan carrot cake has been the best cake in the history of cakes. Seriously.

The prices are cheap. Really cheap.



I believe this is a chain since I stumbled upon at least two of them. We had breakfast there and the atmosphere was so lovely that we had a lot of coffee refills (60 Pence a refill). The husband was ecstatic about their cheese selection and I had a full English breakfast with vegan sausages, baked tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, toast and vegan haggis (again).

They had a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes and the prices were not too high for the quality (I think we paid 30 Pound for two big breakfasts, smoothies and coffee plus refills).

Right above their café on Hanover Street they have a little shop as well and you find soy sausages, cakes and many more vegan things.


David Bann

Well, that was posh. Coming straight from out Highlands tour, I felt a little bit out of place in there, but they were still nice. They have quite an interesting menu and while I enjoyed my jasmin rice with smoked tofu, my poor man struggled with his strange-looking something on celery mash.

The servings weren't that generous, but they still left us deliciously full.

It's not as expensive as you might fear, but still a little bit more expensive than the other ones.


That said, pretty much every pub has vegetarian - if not vegan - options on its menu  and you won't have problems finding hummus or vegan lentil salad in the supermarkets. If you mind, be cautious with the Whisky, though, some brands are flavored with honey.

Edinburgh is a very vegan-friendly city and I haven't felt so normal in ages!

Oh, and if you ever go there, don't forget to visit the underground city. It's scary, amazing and said to be haunted!

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