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A Vegman in Vancouver

May 20, 2012 in Lifestyle by anna | visit anna's blog
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Greetings from British Columbia!

I'm currently lying in my hostel bed, my feet hot and heavy after a day of walking around. Most awesome thing today? Spotting wild black bears next to the highway. Second awesome thing today: Sitting on a glacier in the snow.

Actually I had every intention to tell you a lot of things about the ups and downs of traveling as a vegan in Canada, but, well, let's face it, this is about so much more than food. The past few days, I've been surviving mostly on fruits, nuts and Subway sandwiches, and I didn't even care. Vegman told me that there is a vegan restaurants just one block down my street, but every time I pass it, it's closed. 

Today, however, I found an oasis where I hadn't expected it at all: on top of a mountain, in a restaurant for winter sport tourists, they had several vegan dishes on their menu. I had Thai Curry and maybe it was the mountain air or just the fact that it had been my first warm meal in days, but it was wonderful.

In my hostel I've met a very nice vegetarian girl from Brazil and, between talking and swapping vegan treats, I've come to the realization how lucky I am that Germany makes it so easy for me to live the way I do without ultimate complications: vegan labels, veggie sausages and cheese in a lot of organic stores, Vegetarian Shoes and a relatively wide-spread acceptance of veganism itself. 

That said: Traveling is just the best thing ever. Like the best best.

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