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Happy To Be a Dinosaur

November 03, 2011 in Lifestyle by anna | visit anna's blog
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Thumb_dino2 Wikipedia image

Take a look at my new shirt :-) Normally, I don't like broadcasting messages on shirts, but this one was just too awesome not to buy it. Wanna guess the first reaction?

"Does this mean that vegetarians are dinosaurs in our society?"

Facepalm. Only one step away from my favorite question, "But vegetables are alive as well, how can you eat them?"

Ever since I became vegetarian/vegan, I made the experience that there are three kind of folks around:

  1. The ones who accept it like they accept the color of your hair (thank you, I love you)
  2. The ones who try to defend that they eat meat (hey, I don't wanna judge you, my friend, but, ahem, buying organic meat doesn't make it... less dead)
  3. The ones who piss you off with the most stupid questions (tell me again why I even bother to talk to you)

Annoying, ignorant people out there, let me tell you one thing: Carnivores are extinct as well.

By the way, I ordered my shirt here:

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