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I Made a Mistake

November 30, 2011 in Lifestyle by anna | visit anna's blog
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Thumb_img_5167 A cute mistake

Turning vegan is a bitch.

Forgive me my bluntness, but I had some pretty tough weeks at work and the one or other late-night session ended with my bosses ordering surprise pizza for the whole company. The whole company but me, apparently. And while I can ignore a growling stomach, it is pretty hard to have that same "Why is milk bad"-discussion again and again.

"And if you ever have kids, are you giving them dairy products? And will you drink milk during your pregnancy?"

Hello? Look at me, flat stomach, no aching ovaries so far.

"But you have to think about that!"

Really? Do I? Thank you for telling me what I have to do. By the way, if you ever have kids, will you work part-time or trade your sports car for a family-friendly van? Well, following your logic, you have to think about that.

I really don't mind discussing veganism, after all, that's the only way to sensitize people... but why does it always feel as if everbody is trying to find a flaw in my logic?

However, it has gotten even worse because the other day we visited our friend who is just working on her PhD in philisophy. Philosophy! And, suddenly, the discussion reached a whole new level.

"You are comparing death with death, and that's a very human thing to do, but the beings you're applying it to are not human at all ergo death has a whole different meaning for them." Or something like that.


Can't you just leave me alone, please?

And then, on top of that, I bought a beautiful self-made skirt on Sunday's Holy Shit Shoppig event, but it slipped my attention that a cute little bambi decorates it. Made out of felt. Which is made out of wool. From sheep.

What a bummer.

So, I made a mistake. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been my last one. Stupid people counting my errors, here is one. Am I discouraged? A little bit. If I could... would I turn back the hands of time and rethink venturing into the vastness of vegetarianism and veganism? Honestly, sometimes I don't know. Ignorance truly is a bliss. Do I miss cheese? Yes, I still do.

Is it worth it nonetheless? Yesyes. One veggie saves the lives of 100 animals per year. The cries of one milk cow searching for her new-born calf which has been taken away from her are among the worst sounds I've ever heard. I can still eat pizza, made in our kitchen with my own kind of cheese. I'm healthier (that has come as a surprise).

Nonetheless, I could really need a hug right now.

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