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I stumbled upon Vegman - hi :-)

October 20, 2011 in Behind the scenes by anna | visit anna's blog
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Thumb_ann-2 That's me: Ann
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The day before yesterday, I was browsing Facebook as, suddenly, an ad popped up. Vegman. What's that? Oh, wow, a database of vegan and vegetarian restaurants? This is just what I've been looking for.And - zack - I've been registered. Oh, it seems as if the project is looking for helping hands.

Yes! Me! Let me help you! And here I am.

I'm Annika, 30, a vegetarian-turning-vegan. I live in the beautiful city of Cologne, paying my rent with my job as a social media manager in an advertising agency, and, suddenly, I'm part of this awesome project called Vegman.

Whenever I've been traveling in the past, living in Morocco on dry salad and fries, compromising on vegetarian dishes in Croatian restaurants, cooking for myself in hostel kitchens in the land of Oz, I've wished that a projetct like this would exist.

Because... caring is not sentimental, empathy is not overrated and there should be an alternative to eating animals. We believe in it, and we're very happy to believe with you.

Let's bring Vegman to life!

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