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New Vegman website goes BETA

September 05, 2013 in Behind the scenes by veggekko | visit veggekko's blog
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Thumb_1 Login & KarmaDock

Hello Veg-Community!

Today's the day. We've reached our first mile stone and finally launched our new website some minutes ago. I know that it took us more time than announced but better late than never. :)

Thank you all for your great support, help and feedback!
We will use the upcoming days for bugfixing so please keep sending us your feedback whenever something goes wrong or could be improved. After we get rid of all bugs we will continue to work on our feature list.

New website features: The new website will allow you to:

  • sign up and log in using Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • write reviews
  • post tips
  • upload restaurant images
  • search for restaurants by name (formerly only by location)
  • bookmark restaurants, reviews and blog posts
  • easily navigate using the KarmaDock
  • suggest restaurants
  • comment on blog posts
  • use extended search result filtering
  • upload restaurant images
  • flag content
  • ...
  • AND GAIN KarmaPoints :)

KarmaPoints: We invested quite a lot of time thinking about the KarmaPoints model and we ended up designing and implementing the KarmaDock. As soon as you log in it will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. Depending on your permissions and current KarmaPoints it will offer you a set of features. Default features are are:

  • Bookmarks
  • Reviews
  • Suggest a restaurant
  • Flagged content
  • Activities & KarmaPoints
  • Profile
  • + a blog icon if you are a blogger

The idea behind the KarmaPoints is to motivate the Community to help us update our database. So if you post a review/tip and other rate it by clicking the "funny, useful, cool"-buttons you will gain KarmaPoints. Or if you suggest a restaurant or flag content you will gain KarmaPoints when one of our admins confirms the restaurant for addition to the database or updates the flagged content.
We are still at the very beginning so you can be sure that we will implement new ways to earn KarmaPoints in the near future.

About the Vegman apps: As you might have noticed we only launched the website so far. But we are working hard on the new Android and iOS Apps as well and we will release a first "read-only"-version in September. More complex versions that will allow you to write reviews and upload photos will follow soon.

Ok, Ok ... i know ... I am writing too much already. But let me tell you that i am sooo happy about having the new website online. Plus I have to shout out some BIG THANK YOUs to:

  • Ivan for being Ivan. Great job! It's a pleasure to work with you!
  • Alexey & Albert for helping out with their great technical skills.
  • Alfred for disappearing after receiving his first payment. NOT AWESOME!
  • Dev for all your awesome drawings.
  • Anna, Chrissoula & Rouena for their hard work trying to keep the database up to date.
  • Sven for supporting and helping out 24/7 and a lot more!
  • Jenny for managing the blog. I am pretty sure we can expect some interesting new posts very soon. 
  • Andreas for helping out on design issues whenever needed.
  • Annika for all her support on getting Vegman forward.
  • Benno (my brother) for becoming a vegetarian. :)
  • yoozoo & Cenk for their financial support.
  • The Community for being AWESOME!

That's it for now! I hope that the website will still be up and running when i wake up tomorrow morning :)

So what are you waiting for? Login and help your favorite restaurants by reviewing them!


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September 05, 2013 13:15
Ruth J

Congratulations! :-)

September 05, 2013 13:20

Thank you very much!

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