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The Vegman Mascot

September 20, 2011 in Behind the scenes by veggekko | visit veggekko's blog
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Thumb_vegman2 Drawn by Ben (Germany)
Thumb_vegman1_1 Drawn by Andi (Germany)
Thumb_vegman_and_dog Drawn by Dev (India)

After a long break we finally managed to find some time and money to continue our work on Vegman. Besides working on concepts for potential investors and wireframes for our designers and developers we also received some new drawings of Vegman and his dog.

For the future we are planning to have different drawings. Instead of only having a chinese being friend with a dog we are planning to use the following combinations:

  • French & Snail / Frog
  • German & Pig
  • Japanese & Whale
  • English man & Fish
  • Mongole & Horse
  • Turk & Sheep
  • Indian & Goat
  • American & Chicken

Please share your feedback about your thoughts and the current drawings.

If you are good in drawing and if you would like to work for us, please drop us a mail:

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