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Vegan Wedding

January 01, 2012 in Lifestyle by anna | visit anna's blog
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I got married two days ago, and I have to say: wow. I've never been the wedding-kind of girl, and, truth be told, one of my favorite "bride" associations would be "Kill Bill".

I don't wanna brag about my wonderful husband and the strange feeling as if something in your chest is exploding, but I wanna tell you about our party. There's this old café we love and know well, and since we didn't want to have a formal wedding, we invited family and friends to come to our café, and we told them to spread the word. Thus, we had no idea how many people to expect. Thus, we couldn't order food. 

So we had the great idea to tell our friends to bring food and nothing else as our wedding gift. Among approximately 150 people, there have been three or four vegetarians, two former vegans and me, but, nonetheless, one out of three dishes on our buffet turned out to be vegan.

There were salads, vegan roasts, cakes, cookies, spicy beans and further delicious things - thank God that I haven't been one of the brides unable to eat on their wedding day ;-)

Carnivores told me about their experiences with "No Egg", some guests brought along little "vegan" flags, and all of them were so proud to have made something I could eat. It was touching. I will never ever forget the special feeling of this day, and the vegan food has been the icing on my cake.

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