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Vegman App v3.0

January 30, 2018 in Behind the scenes by Jenny | visit Jenny's blog
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Lovely Community,

We have news for you!

You know how it's really annoying that you cannot log into our app and bookmark your favourite locations?

Ever been to a restaurant that you discovered through Vegman, and then got frustrated that you could not upload your images for this location?

Or maybe you've come across incorrect content and you wished you could've reported it to us for fixing?

Yeah.. That has been a bother. Especially considering the whole point in this app is for all of us to share our opinions, experiences and tips with each other. And photos of course, the cherries on the top!

So this is where the good news come in:

We have focused all our resources on fixing the above mentioned points.

Let's have a look at Vegman 3.0's menu:

  • Sign up & Sign in

  • Bookmark: Bookmark your favourite locations
  • Add content: Easily upload photos, suggest new restaurants, review restaurants and share tips.

  • Rate content: See a great review or helpful tip? Rate it as useful, funny or cool with just one click!

  • Flag content: Found incorrect or bad content? Flag it to inform us!

  • Karma points: Earn KP right through the app!


And one more announcement: We have finally started development on an Android version!


Personally, I am rather excited about this update, and I'd like to ask you all to upload images, review and add tips as much as possible.

It should only take a few minutes, now that it can be done through the app, and the more all of us contribute, the more we can all benefit!

What do you guys think? 
What's your favourite part of the update?

We'd love to hear your opinions, so we can keep improving the app according to what the community actually needs! :)

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January 30, 2018 12:45


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